Hi there!

At this very moment you could be anywhere, there are more than a billion webpage present on the internet but all the events happened to bring you to this page at this very moment. Let me welcome you to my little space in this vast internet. From a long time I wished to have an active blog but every time I start with great interest and then lost the motivation to pursue it. Let’s hope this time it would work.

Talking about me, I’m a CSE graduate and currently working as a Software Developer from Pune, India.
When I’m not working I mostly spend my time browsing Reddit or just wondering about life and the universe.

I’m always fascinated with the data structure. Will not claim to be an expert on this topic but love to learn about how beautifully some data structures are crafted. Two of my favorite data structures are binary tree and union find set. Love binary tree because its so simple in nature yet so powerful.




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