2 am

Reading the book on Information Retrieval. I get really excited about this topic and planned to write a series of blog post to explain the concept in simpler and organized way. Atleast that what I hope for.

2:15 am

I’m so much excited just by thinking that finally i would start my blog that I stopped reading the book and started setting up the blog in my system.

4 am

Finally got everything working. BTW I wasn’t even aware that we can push jekyll code directly to the github repo and github would build the site and then host it. I used to think of GitHub pages as proxy to raw.githubcontent.com but turns out it not works like that.

It simplified my work flow so much.

Finally finished writing this blog. Actually I wrote a different one by system got restarted and lost all the changes. Yes, I know it would auto save but i guess i luck was not with me this time.